A Day in the Life of a Science Communicator

“Konnichiwa!”(Japanese for “good afternoon”) No response. “Konnichiwa!” A blank look. I finally got it. The young lady standing in front of the cloud chamber and whose attention I am trying to get is not Japanese. That happens to me quite often. As a foreigner, I am still challenged to distinguish between Japanese visitors and visitors from other Asian countries. Sometimes clothes may serve as a hint but more often than not, the hint is rather unreliable.

“Hi, may I help you?” I switch to English. Her look changes but she still seems a little nervous.

“I am just looking,” she replies.

“It`s fascinating, isn’t it,” I continue, “it is like a window into a different world.”

“Yeah, I guess. What is it anyway?” she asks... [ read on here ]

This is an excerpt of a post in the ASPAC Blog Train on "A day in the life of a science communicator". Follow the link to read the full post.

Her Day As A Petrosains Science Communicator

In the morning..

She's still awake even though it was 12.00 midnight. Surfing and searching for a juicy science story that has freshly happened in the world. She needs to present it to all staff by 9.00 am tomorrow at the science centre's morning assembly. Yup! It's our 'roll-call'! Science communicators take turns to present a 3-4 minute 'Science Fact' every morning here at Petrosains. 

Oh gosh! She's always nervous even though she has to communicate the science fact in front of people that she knows. Not surprising, because they are her colleagues, bosses and even the CEO on most mornings. The audience have various backgrounds ranging from customer service, finance, marketing people, sales people and a group of people talented in sharing science.... [ read on here ]

This is an excerpt of a post in the ASPAC Blog Train on "A day in the life of a science communicator". Follow the link to read the full post.

Bringing to you the first Blog Train of Asia Pacific Network of Science & Technology Centres (ASPAC)

Blog Train
Source: Clipart.co

Have you heard of a blog train before? Riding on the same theme, a blog train will bring you on a virtual “train ride” from one place to another. This is what we hope to achieve with the first blog train of the Asia Pacific Network of Science & Technology Centres (ASPAC)! 

Coming to you in ten days’ time, expect to learn about the interesting lives of Science Communicators from the following ASPAC member organisations, namely Petrosains (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur), the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) (Japan, Tokyo), The Mind Museum (The Philippines, Manila), SciTech (Australia, Perth) and Science Centre Singapore. This will be brought to you through blog posts by the Science Educators/ Communicators themselves!

The first blog post will be written by Ayu Royani from Petrosains and will make its appearance on 27 July on Petrosains’ blog. Ayu, Petrosains’ digital communications expert, is a person who loves to educate the young and believes that education starts at home.  She also believes that creative and critical thinking skills should be nurtured from an early age as they form a very strong foundation in learning (or even to conduct our life in general!).  Ayu holds a Bachelor degree in Genetics. In Petrosains, she manages the Petrosains blog and a few social media platforms. She writes and develops content for promotional and learning on general science topics as well as conducts online related training for Petrosains staff. Even though she has a science background, she is  passionate about arts and local Malaysian topics. 

There will be 4 other blog posts on our first theme “A day in the life of a Science Communicator”. Stay tuned to find out more about how it is like to be a Science Educator or Communicator in these countries!

•27 July – Petrosains (http://www.creating-wonder.blogspot.com)

•28 July – The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) (http://blog.miraikan.jst.go.jp/

•29 July – The Mind Museum (http://themindmuseumbgc.blogspot.com/)

•30 July – Scitech (To be hosted here on the ASPAC website) 

•31 July – Science Centre Singapore (https://blog.science.edu.sg)      

ASPAC 2015 SessionInterested to find out how our project came about? Well, the idea of a collaboration was first seeded in end April during the ASPAC 2015 Conference “Power of Words” parallel session chaired by Ms Maria Isabel Garcia, Curator of The Mind Museum, where we discussed possible ways to work together in terms of publications and blogs. It is amazing how the idea has now materialised, and we are coming together to bring to you a series of interesting content curated along the same theme but across oceans and seas. Read more about our discussion on collaboration here.

This post was originally published on the Science Centre Singapore blog. All ASPAC Blog Train posts will be featured here on the ASPAC blog as well, with links to the original posts.