Upcoming Events

ASPAC 2016 - Beijing, China

Hosted by the China Science & Technology Museum in Beijing, China, on 16-19 May 2016.


Past Events

ASPAC 2015 - Manila, Philippines

Hosted by The Mind Museum on 26-30 April 2015, ASPAC 2015 was an Inspirational Science Camp! With inspiring keynote speakers and parallel sessions planned by Session Champions, this was a very engaging and hands-on conference. Check out the conference website for more details.

ASPAC 2014 - Brunei Darussalam

The Oil and Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC) hosted the ASPAC annual conference in Brunei Darussalam on 5-8 May 2014. 

The theme of the conference was Building a Community through Science, with the subthemes of Inspiring  a Science Literate Society, Inspiring Science Learning Curriculum, and Science Centres - a Source of Science, Technology and Innovation for the Young Minds. Refer to the conference website for more information.

ASPAC 2013 - Daejeon, South Korea

ASPAC 2013 was hosted by the National Science Museum of Korea in Daejeon, South Korea, on 6-10 May 2013, including one day each of pre- and post-conference programmes. 

The theme of the conference was 'Engaging Society with Science', with the sub-themes of 'Informal Science Education', 'Global Science Issues and Science Museums & Centers', 'Creative Solutions through Convergence of Disciplines', and 'Sustainable Science Museums & Centers'.

Check the conference website for the schedule of Keynote and invited lectures, parallel sessions, trade show, science shows and much more.

2nd Rice Exhibition Workshop in Singapore - 27-28 September 2012

Following the ASPAC Exhibition group's first Rice Exhibition workshop, hosted by NSM Thailand, the Science Centre Singapore organised a follow-up workshop in which a number of ASPAC members came together to develop an exhibition on rice that could then be shared among these institutions as well as travelled within the region and beyond.

About twenty staff of NSM Thailand, Pusat Sains Negara, Petrosains, Science Centre Singapore and IRRI generated exhibit ideas for the Rice Exhibition and then worked on combining those exhibits into a coherent exhibition experience.

2nd Rice Exhibition Workshop

Science Show Workshop at Petrosains - 20-21 September 2012

Petrosains hosted a special Science Show Workshop facilitated by Graham Walker on 20-21 September 2012. When they offered five places to other ASPAC members, the response was so great that they extended that to ten places. From all accounts, the lucky participants had a great time while practicing how to develop, refine, and perform spectacular science shows. Read their report for more details and pictures of the participants in action.

ASPAC 2012 - Singapore

The ASPAC 2012 Conference and Trade Show was attended by more than three hundred delegates. They all assembled at the Science Centre Singapore on 16-21 April for a programme packed with workshops, learning journeys, meetings, keynotes, plenary discussions, forums, over ninety parallel session presentations and 37 trade show booths. Presentation slides are available online on the conference website, and a selection of photos taken throughout the conference are available here.

ASPAC Forum 2012