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Planetarium and Observatory of Lima


Planetarium and Observatory of Lima City

Our Mission is the permanent improvement of the quality in our activities, for the benefit of our population, especially children, to motivate them in science & technology careers.

Our Vision is to expand and install more science centres in more Peruvian regions.


The Planetarium of Lima oversees the main planetarium in the country. We host every year around 50-60 thousand visitors, having a museum showing exhibits and experiments. Our observatory is equipped with some modern telescopes as well as a mobile planetarium to spread education in other regions.

Our entity is the oldest in its field in the country. We have organized special activities for relevant events. We are doing research with some foreign universities for the opening of a new site museum at Arequipa.  

The inside of our observatory is available as a big auditorium for conferences.

Our entity was the founder of the Iberoamerican League of Astronomy LIADA.

Finally, we are the national node of the UNAWE program

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Planetarium and Observatory of Lima CityPlanetarium and Observatory of Lima

Planetario Digital de Lima
Morro Solar Hill, Chorrillos
Lima 09 - Peru
T +51 1 224 7046
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