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Geoffrey M Curley + Associates, LLC (GMC+A)


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GMC+A is an innovative consulting company working with non-profit and commercial institutions to support the development and execution of new, vibrant, educational, hands-on and minds-on experiences. GMC+A’s goal is to integrate cutting edge ideas, authentic environmental exhibit design, and emotional storytelling with rich visuals, audio and tactile experiences, making exhibitions and interactive experiences more personal, artistic, fun, educational, and memorable. Our projects push the boundaries; they shift paradigms. 


GMC+A is more than a design firm; more than content development. We have proven our capabilities as a team who brings an experience to life from the seed of an idea through conceptualization, schematic, to realization. Our capabilities include curation, direction, concept development, research, writing, topic testing, media, effects, interactive development, experiential design, fabrication oversight, educational support, guest experience, and project management. In addition we pride ourselves in collaborating as a small member of a larger team or leading a project in whole. 

The Associates of GMC+A are comprised of the finest talent in the museum, research, and entertainment industries. Our product is unique, engaging, new, and on mission. The core team always consists of content developers known for developing the newest museums, award winning designers from Broadway, Hollywood films, experimental art; we provide original composition with Broadway composers and musicians; writing with award winning authors, playwrights, and leading journalists; education experts are seasoned by work with leading museums; and media produced with documentary makers from top networks such as History Channel, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic. 

Experiences are most meaningful when shared–with friends, family, or strangers. We strive to make all experiences equally enjoyable across a wide range of ages, giving old and young people the opportunity to work and learn together within the same experience. 

With a background in non-profits, arts, and family entertainment, GMC+A has built the business based upon a model that is small, quick, and cost effective. GMC+A handpicks the finest and most appropriate associates for each project. A quick pace, the leading talent, and low overhead means lower fees, the finest product for our clients, and excellent guest experiences.

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Geoffrey M Curley + Associates, LLC

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Mr Geoffrey Curley, Principal
T +1.312.560.6165
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