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Our vision is to build on the dreams and imagination of the public as it relates to spaceflight, and create Asia’s first world-class space camp and astronaut training facility.


Our flagship product will be our world class astronaut training facility, offering ‘right stuff’ astronaut training that encompasses over 90% of the simulator modules provided at government training facilities.


  • The “right-stuff” Astronaut training (theory, hands-on)
  • Air & Spacecraft flight simulators
  • Neutral buoyancy pool (simulate spacewalks, water landings)
  • Centrifuge (to generate high G’s)
  • 3-dimensional moon landing simulation

GSC Training Philosophy

Our programs will closely replicate real astronaut training, allowing our clients to become trainee astronauts without having to go through a stringent government program. 

We aim to be certified and will offer participants more hands-on training and hardware than any other commercial training facility, including simulators and aircraft flights for all 5-day training camps.

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Gilmour Space Corporation Gilmour Space Corporation

1 Pimpama Jacobs Well Rd
Pimpama QLD 4217
T +617 5546 6245
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