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Australian Museum

Our mission is to inspire exploration, understanding and care for our world by researching, exhibiting, educating and communicating the relationship between people, culture and the natural environment.

The Australian Museum is a dynamic source of reliable scientific information and a touchstone for informed debate about some of the most pressing environmental and social challenges facing our region: the loss of biodiversity, a changing climate and the search for cultural identity.

Underpinning our research is an irreplaceable collection of international standing - more than 18 million objects representing a timeline of the environmental and cultural histories of the Australian and Pacific regions.


As the nation’s oldest museum, the Australian Museum holds science, culture and knowledge at the core of its identity and purpose. With a passion for making Indigenous cultures and science accessible to everyone, the Australian Museum produces a variety of immersive programs aimed at inspiring research and curiosity into the world around. 

Programs include the annual Science Festival (August) – Australia’s biggest school science festival – which includes over 300 interactive workshops, talks and shows provided to school students, community visitors and industry professionals.

The permanent Search & Discover gallery in the museum also offers a hands-on experience for people to investigate taxidermy specimens and objects from our extensive collections. It is also home to children’s programs and school visits, aimed at engaging learning at all levels. Search & Discover also offers assistance for public enquiries about specimen identification and scientific queries.

The Australian Museum Research Institute (AMRI) is fuelled by a team of 70 research scientists, collection scientists, collection officers and more than 100 associates. Research is focused on biodiversity and geodiversity and is combined with an integrative, collections-based approach.  In 2013-2014, the Institute’s staff published over 142 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, book chapters and books, described 180 new animal species, and provided scientific answers to thousands of queries from government, media and the general public. 

Lizard Island Research Station is location in the northern Great Barrier Reef and is a world-leading supplier of on-reef facilities for coral reef research and education. About 100 different research projects are conducted each year, involving about 350 research personnel of which about 30% are from countries other than Australia. 

In addition to research and programs, the Australian Museum tours a selection of its exhibitions across the country, sharing its natural history collection and knowledge. 

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