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Taman Pintar Science Center


Taman Pintar Science Center

Taking the vision as a place for expression, appreciation and creation of science in a fun atmosphere, Taman Pintar has an objective to develop the interest of children and young people in science through imagination, experimentation and play in the development of Indonesian human resources quality.


Taman Pintar presents science in a recreational and fun atmosphere for children and adults. Taman Pintar combines two elements culture and education in the content, instructional media, visual aids, and activities. 

The development of Taman Pintar is based on the philosophy of Ki Hajar Dewantara, the Father of Indonesian Education, namely: Niteni (identifying), Nirokake (engineering), and Nambahi (developing).

The implemantion of Niteni (identifying) could be seen from the display and the knowledge of the content developed in Taman Pintar. There are 1385 learning tools in 50 zones that are visited by more than 1 million people annually. Nirokake (engineering) is provided in the form of creativity and educational program development, such as Painting Pottery, Clay, Hand Painted T-Shirt, Hand on Science and Broadcast Tepi TV. In addition, Nambahi (developing) is implemented in the form of annual activities; workshops and contests of Science, Water Rocket and Robot and also Demo Science to enrich and develop the understanding and knowledge about science.

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Taman Pintar Science CenterTaman Pintar Science Center

Jalan Panembahan Senopati 1-3
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