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The Natural History Museum


The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum’s mission is to maintain and develop its collections and use them to promote the discovery, understanding, responsible use and enjoyment of the natural world. Renowned for its unrivalled collections, internationally important research programs, educational and enjoyable exhibitions and high standards of visitor care, the Museum combines its rich history with an emphasis on looking to the future to play a dynamic role in the UK and the world.


The Natural History Museum is a scientific research institution with 300 scientists and one of London's leading visitor attractions with 20 000 m2 of exhibitions which engage visitors on all levels with the wonders of the natural world.

The museum also offers consultancy services in a wide range of areas and, in close partnership with our clients, we develop natural science attractions, exhibitions and visitor destinations. Our consulting services reflect the Museum’s wide range of experience and skills and our Kokoro animatronics remain the most respected in the field.

Our portfolio of travelling exhibitions includes not-to-be-missed 3-dimensional experiences and intriguing popular science displays. Our travelling exhibitions provide accessible scientific knowledge in an engaging interactive environment. Contemporary art/science installations, historical art collections and the world famous Wildlife Photographer of the Year form the basis of our 2-dimensional exhibition portfolio.

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The Natural History MuseumThe Natural History Museum

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Dr Michael Dixon,  Museum Director
T +44 (0) 207 942 5000
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Jessica Harris,  Head of Touring Exhibitions
T +44 (0)207 942 5789
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