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Communications Museum, Macao-China


Communciations Museum, Macao-China

  1. To serve the Macao population, especially primary and secondary students, aiming at stimulating interest in Philatelic Collection, promoting scientific and technical knowledge of telecommunications, and making it more accessible
  2. To be a place of interactivity, discovery, experimentation, satisfaction and development of the visitors' abilities in the field of telecommunications
  3. To be a place of divulgation of Stamp Collection techniques and of promotion of Macao Philately, both to the Macao population and the tourists that visit the Museum


The Communications Museum, inaugurated on 1st of March 2006, is a place where the visitors can simultaneously experiment, learn and have fun. Our belief is, "Dare to Experiment, Dare to Discover".

Throughout the years, we have been accumulating experience in receiving visitors in order to improve and enhance our service. With the rapid social and economic growth and widespread use of technology, people are becoming more interested in the science theories of communication in the past or technology products used nowadays. Similarly, stamp collection which has a long history is having continuous progression. We always work hard in finding new strategies to attract visitors and motivate them to use the Museum’s facilities, serving the community and staying in touch with the public.

Apart from the Easy Self-Service Visit and General Guided Visit for the permanent exhibition, the Museum also provides a wide range of special items for the booking by schools and tour groups. These items include thematic guided visits, hands-on workshops, live science demonstrations and electronic circuit courses under the topics of “History of Macao Post”, “Foundations of Communication”, “Postal Service”, “Stamps and Collection” and “General Mathematics”, “Electromagnetism”, “Transmission and Broadcasting” and “Telegraph and Telephone”.

Communications Museum also puts much effort in promoting student competitions and other activities, including the Electronic Device Competition, Science and Arts Activity for Primary Students, summer activities, science camps, etc. We have enriched the content of the “Customized School Activities” and “Museum without Boundary”. At the same time, we also hope that by participating in community activities and organizing special exhibitions, such as the International Museum Day Fair, International Children’s Day Fair, Stamp Festival, “My Favorite Stamps of Macao” stamp poll, “Draw My Story of Stamps” contest and so on, we can encourage more people to visit the museum with their family and friends in their leisure time.

Contact Details

Communications Museum, Macao-ChinaCommunications Museum, Macao-China

Estrada da D.Maria II, no.7, Macao-China 
T +853 8396 8111 
F +853 2833 6603

Ms Derby, Wai Meng LAU,  Board Chairperson / Postmaster General - Macao Post
T +853 8396 8111
F +853 2833 6603 
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Contact Officer
Ms Olivia K. I. Wong,  Chief Curator 
T +853 2871 8063 / 2871 8570 
F +853 2871 8018 
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Mr Dixon L.W. Lao,  Manager (Telecommunications Exhibition)
T +853 2871 8063 / 2871 8570 
F +853 2871 8018