ASPAC Fellowships

Each year two or three staff of full member institutions are selected for ASPAC Fellowships. The awards allow the successful applicants to travel to and participate in the annual ASPAC Conference. Each fellowship provides up to US$1500 towards costs of travel, accommodation and registration.

The selection process for these fellowships is based on the applicants' proposals outlining how they and their institution would benefit as well as what they can contribute to the conference. Fellowship recipients are required to present a paper at the conference and then submit a report of their experiences as an ASPAC Fellow.

2016 ASPAC Fellowships

ASPAC Fellows 2016 2016 ASPAC Fellows
From L-R: Graham Walker, ASPAC President TM Lim, Stephanie Wu

In 2016 two ASPAC Fellows travelled to Beijing for the ASPAC conference hosted by the China Science & Technology Museum on 17-20 May. They both shared their experience in a report, submitted after the conference.

  • Stephanie Wu     (report)
    National Taiwan Science Education Center
  • Graham Walker     (report)
    Centre for Public Awareness of Science, Australia



(No fellowships were awarded in 2015.)

2014 ASPAC Fellowships

ASPAC Fellows 2014 2014 ASPAC Fellows
ASPAC President Alan Brien with (from left to right), Krismono Adjie, Edicel Herrera and Amy Boulding.

The 2014 ASPAC Fellows travelled to ASPAC 2014, hosted by the Oil and Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC) in Brunei Darussalam on 5-8 May 2014, where they presented papers on the Science Beyond Classroom Project, the Jogja Creative Day Event, and 'Science fact to science process'.

  • Edicel Herrera
    Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology
  • Krismono Adjie
    Taman Pintar Science Centre, Indonesia
  • Amy Boulding
    Scitech, Australia


2013 ASPAC Fellowships

ASPAC Fellows 2013 2013 ASPAC Fellows
From L-R: Dr Mamoru Mohri (President), Ihsan Surur, Mary de Villiers, Luis Lesigues, Andrew Giger (Executive Director)

The 2013 ASPAC Fellows travelled to ASPAC 2013, hosted by the National Science Museum of Korea in Daejeon, South Korea, on 6-10 May 2013.  Read their reports for an account of their experiences at the conference.

  • Mary de Villiers     (report
    Science Alive, New Zealand
  • Luis Ferdinand Lesigues     (report)
    Philippines Centrum for Science and Technology, Philippines
  • Ihsan Surur
    PP-IPTEK, Indonesia


2012 ASPAC Fellowships

ASPAC Fellows 2012 2012 ASPAC Fellows
From L-R: Chanika Kongsawat, Dr Mamoru Mohri (President), Graham Walker, Alexandra Limcaco, Neville Petrie (Assistant Secretary)

The 2012 ASPAC Fellows travelled to the ASPAC Conference hosted by the Science Centre Singapore on 16-21 April 2012. Each of them shared their experience in a report, submitted after the conference.

  • Alexandra Limcaco     (report
    Mind Museum, Philippines
  • Chanika Kongsawat     (report)
    National Science Museum, Thailand
  • Graham Walker     (report)
    Centre for Public Awareness of Science, Australia