The resources below are collated from around the world to assist you in developing your own International Polar Year programme, or to simply gain a better understanding of the issues involved in polar science. If you’d like more information on a specific subject related to International Polar Year, please contact us and we’ll try to find it for you.

The Challenges of Representing Global Warming in Science Museums

Shelley Ryan's thesis (384 kB, pdf) examines how science museums in the United States and Canada are creating socially responsible programming, using global warming as a case study.

The research focuses on the challenges inherent in exhibiting global warming and other contentious issues, and the creative ways such difficulties have been addressed by various types of science museums. In particular, this paper describes exhibition techniques found to be successful in imparting motivational conservation messages to museum visitors.

Partnering between museums and with major environmental organizations is shown to be effective in bringing climate change information to the science museum audience, and inspiring and equipping those visitors to make a difference.

ASTC engages science centre networks to focuses on global warming

The Association of Science-Technology Centres (ASTC) has launched the website for Project IGLO (International action on GLObal warming). As a major initiative of International Polar Year (IPY) in 2007-2008, the project brings together regional science centre networks and partner organisations to raise public awareness worldwide about the impact of climate change.

As the North and South Poles belong to no nation, polar research has traditionally been a collaborative effort, conducted by scientists from many countries. Recently, polar scientists have begun to document a rapid acceleration in the melting of the polar icecaps and subsequent changes in the ecology of the surrounding seas. IPY, led by the International Council of Science and the World Meteorological Organization, will afford an opportunity to engage and educate the public on the implications of these findings and to focus attention on the importance of polar processes in general and climate change in particular.

Stern Review

The release of the Stern Review Report on the Economics of Climate Change has been a call to action for Governments around the world. The policy decisions and choices we make now, have serious ramifications for the future of the planet. Now more than ever, the public need to be well informed about the science behind climate change and what it will mean if no action is taken.

The work of ASPAC and IGLO is increasingly relevant, and IPY will bring this into sharp focus. The pre-publication edition of the Stern Review is now available online, downloadable by chapter or theme.



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