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What some Member science centres are planning to do during IPY

Miraikan - Japan

Executive Director to travel to the Japanese Antarctica research site (Showa Station) from 7 - 10 January, 2007 with the National Institute for Polar Research of Japan. He will conduct three experiments (suggested and designed by school students) under the theme of “The Earth’s Future: an Antarctic Perspective” which will be screened via video conference to invited sites (currently Questacon in Canberra, Australia and the National Science Museum in Thailand [under negotiation]). The invited sites will participate in the experiments simultaneously as the Executive Director conducts the experiments in Antarctica.

Oil and Gas Discovery Centre - Brunei

  • launching of OGDC new exhibits – Earth Forces (March 2007) – and an exhibition of global warming
  • puppet shows (in centre?)
  • weekend movies on disasters related to global warming
  • travelling exhibits focussing on global warming
  • meet the scientist (**proposed** - invite a scientist who is currently doing research on global warming to give a talk)
  • live video conference with scientist working in Antarctica (**proposed** - discussions underway with Questacon, NSM Thailand & Miraikan

Melbourne Museum and ScienceWorks

Have proposed the following so far:

  • a display of their Antarctic collection for IPY
  • a learning environment for 3-8 year olds in the Children’s Gallery at Melbourne Museum themed around IPY
  • public programs in Science week next year
  • a range of public programs at Scienceworks for their Summer holiday program 07/08.

Petrosains - Malaysia

Several proejcts are in development:

  • an environmental program on greenhouse effect for upcoming school holidays
  • local research scientists to explore professional residencies in 07, the goal of which is to contribute to the public understanding of their climate-related research. (e.g. Dr. Azhar at Universiti Malaya, drawing on his work in the Arctic with Malaysian and British Scientists and the Asian Pacific Network for Global Change Research)
  • creating a mini gallery (exhibition) on climate change which will be completed in 2007, inspired by Petronas-sponsored "Clean Air for our Cities" exhibit.
  • ongoing weekly sharing of science facts about the causes and effects of global climate change
  • ongoing participation in IGLO online chats

Otago Museum - New Zealand

The Otago Museum is developing a large exhibition on Antarctica which will open in December, close late March, and will then be available for tour to other venues in New Zealand and Australia.  It will be around 400 m2, designed to travel and will be cover the following key themes:

  • an Introduction to Antarctica - geographic features, aesthetic appeal, climate, artistic response, scott base, south pole, ross dependency etc
  • The History of the Place - the explorer stories etc
  • The Life that you Find - natural history, adaptation and survival, people and their daily activities etc
  • The Science - climate stories (global warming etc), conservation stories, research programmes, etc
  • International Science and the Future - International Polar Year, International Geophysical Year, treaties etc

The show will be supported by an education programme, family activities, publications for contemplation and a film festival amongst other things.

National Science Museum - Thailand

Planning to have a live videoconference session with a scientist at the North Pole. Also in discussions with Miraikan and OGDC about potential linkages to Antarctica videoconference to be lead by Miraikan in January 2007.

Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre, Australia

Are examining different options which include, but are not limited to:

  • an IPY specific section of their website
  • a competition for school students to potentially win a flight over Antarctica
  • incorporating polar specific content into their outreach and centre based programmes
  • foyer displays, polar science talks and roaming character/s (i.e. Shackleton)
  • examining the possibility of sending a science communicator to Antarctica to create educational and interactive programmes to audiences throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region

co-ordinated IPY activities

Miraikan - Japan

The National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR) is going to hold "The 3rd Polar Region's Forum for Junior high school and high school students" on 17 Dec 2006. The Forum, will address "Experiments you would like to conduct in South Pole or North Pole" with selected ideas nominated to be conducted on the above mentioned expedition. Miraikan's staff will conduct those experiments while at the South Pole.

Oil and Gas Discovery Centre - Brunei

Caring for the environment project – a state level competition amongst schools in Brunei on the 3R.

Melbourne Museum and Scienceworks

Have made a link with the Royal Society to tie in with the events they are running through IPY

Petrosains - Malaysia

We create annual programming for World Water, World Food, World Environment, and Earth Day at Petrosains, as well as at our PlaySmart satellites in Penang and Langkawi.

Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre, Australia

Questacon is working with other science centres across Australia on some coordinated activity/ies through the National Partnership of Australian Science Centres, Museums and Science Education Centres (NSP).


These projects and organisations are where you can find materials and resources to use, and maybe a project you and your organisation can join.

ASTC Project IGLO: tool kits, resources and who is doing what, where for International Polar Year.

Polar Passport: Questacon's blog where you can ask questions of a scientist working in Antarctica right now!

Australian Antarctic Division: news and information about Australia's Antarctic bases.

NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (US), Climate Program Office. Educational resources and outreach activities for IPY, including the history of IPY.

SSEC: Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Real time weather images and data.



ASPAC website