About the APEC Science Centre Impact Project


Public awareness of science and technology is increasingly becoming an important focus for APEC economies, and science centres and museums are increasingly being seen as important players at two levels:

  • Science centres and museums are a key part of each economy’s infrastructure in communicating important messages to the whole community about the value and contribution of science and technology to economic and social well being.
  • Science centres and museums are a key part of each economy’s educational infrastructure in providing learning experiences that support and enhance formal learning in schools and training institutions.


This APEC Science Centre Impact Project provides a strategic opportunity to communicate the valuable impacts of science centres and museums to governments, building dialogue and understanding about the contributions that science centres and museums bring to their communities.

Project goals

The project's main aims are to collate and analyse data related to the social and economic impacts of science centres, to highlight best practice in the sector and to help science centres articulate the results with their governments and stakeholders. More.

Setting up the project

The project was initially conceived by Questacon, who proposed it to science centre network organisations around the Pacific basin. APEC approved the project in September 2004 and the first meeting was held in Singapore in December of that year. More.

Project activities

The project has collated research, promoted best practice in the industry and convened meetings and workshops. There is also a monthly update e-mail newsletter and comprehensive website. More.

Project Conclusion

After three years the research project came to an end in 2007. More.

Sponsors and supporters

The project is sponsored by seven APEC member economies, contributed to by 33 institutions and supported by three science centre associations. More.

Participating institutions

To date there are 33 institutions from 18 member economies participating in the project. More.

Coordination and funding

The project secretariat is based at Questacon, and the project has a nine member international steering committee. The project's annual budget is US$60 000. More.

About APEC

APEC was founded in 1989 and is made up of 21 member economies APEC facilitates economic growth, cooperation, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region. More.


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